Where do the Marella Cruises travel?

Where do the Marella Cruises travel?

Marella Cruises, operating as Thomson Cruises until last year and now a part of the TUI group, offers travel packages focused on the British mainstream market. The name Marella is Celtic and means ‘shining sea’. It had been chosen so that the cruise line stands out in this market, as well as to provide a separate identity from the Tui Cruises, the TUI group’s European cruise brand.

All the ships in the fleet are known for having a relaxed, casual atmosphere, and the fleet offers cruises to the most breathtaking parts of the planet. The fleet itself includes ships named Marella Spirit, which is the oldest, yet one of the most popular ones in the fleet; Marella Celebration, the smallest one, but with the most friendly atmosphere;  Marella Dream, plenty of space and with cabins and lounges designed to be reminiscent of UK comedies and West End glam shows; Marella Discovery,  one of the biggest one in the fleet, with mini-golf course, an indoor pool, artificial climbing wall, and much more; Marella Discovery 2, Marella Discovery’s sister ship; and finally, Marella Explorer, which will join the fleet this summer, and will be the largest  one, with 10 restaurants, 10 bars, an indoor cinema deck, and plenty ofotherinteresting features that will make the cruises unforgettable.

Beside the addition to the fleet, this cruise line has also added new destinations and choices, such as the  winter 2018 Asia cruises program, where the Marella Discovery will be based in Malaysia, Langkawi, and cruise to 18 new ports, have 14 new adult-only itineraries, including Vietnam, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Cambodia among others.

Marella Discovery will also offer India cruises including destinations such as Mangalore, Mumbai, Kerala-Cochin, Goa-Mormugao, as well as Sri Lanka-Colombo. The new choices also include the Middle East, and exotic stops such as Muscat, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.

For the Winter 2018 program, Marella Cruises will also have Marella Explorer and Marella Celebration based in Barbados for their first Caribbean island winter season.


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