Unique hotels

Unique hotels

Nimmu House : The perfect way to connect to the traditional Ladhak, spend some time alone or with family amidst nature and wildlife, is Nimmu in the village of Nimmu. The 400 square meters spread of the royal house of Ladhak was transformed into this beautiful hotel featuring sheds with cows, goats and yaks and on the other hand has a beautiful orchard which houses apricot, walnut and apple trees. For spiritual followers it also has 2 Buddhist temples inside the hotel.

Chatra Sagar: This hotel in Rajasthan reprises the very idea of living in a tent with all the luxury possible. Generally the Rajputs had to spend a lot of time in the tents during wars and thus slowly it evolved as plush make shift homes. Taking this concept further, tents offered by Chatra Sagar are mind-blowing. They even organize village and farm visits that will take your breath away along with the bird watching tours.

La Villa Shanti: Situated in the old French town of Pondicherry, this 19th century house is discreetly hidden behind a façade la shanti villa. A new state of the art contemporary wing is made to keep up with the global standards. It showcases a mix of handiwork, architecture and tradition with increases its worth in the world today!

Raas Jodhpur: They like to decribe it as a “wellness journey” rather than a hotel or resort. Rightly describing so it caters to the wellness of your body mind and soul. The luscious cultural heritage and the overwhelming architecture brings the essence of this vibrant city alive in this hotel. Experiencing the local communities, flora and fauna takes you through a deep nature toil. The highlight of this resort is its Spa facility which rejuvinates your body along with the soul.

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    Haohan Qiao in China’s Hunan province

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