Ludhiana – An Impeccable City of The Incredible India

Ludhiana – An Impeccable City of The Incredible India

On the banks of the majestic Satluj River, stands the lively, pompous and opulent city of Ludhiana in Punjab, valued as the city of enigmatic culture, succulent foods and full of beans ‘Ludhanvis’. Recognized as ‘India’s Machester’ by the BBC, the city, the largest in the state, has a winsome reputation of being a powerful commercial hub of Northern India. Millions of holiday-makers book memorable excursions to Ludhiana, often hailed as the soil where old and new quarters of the town, combine together, to unfurl the unbelievable charm and magnificence. Who doesn’t want to experience the grandeur of this city in reality? ‘Ludhanvis’ must be given credit for the extreme affectionate aura that prevails here, who are world famous for their unbeatable vivacity, vigor and gallant.

Ludhiana, the city that beckons the world, is the final product of the tireless commitment and conviction of Sikandar Lodhi, the most successful leader of the sultanate. Without his determined attempt, the village of Mir Hota, as Ludhiana was earlier known, would have never transformed into a developed urban town. The name Ludhiana (Lodhi-ana) means the town of Lodhi’s. While the old city is a vital tourist hotspot due to the presence of old remnants of the Lodhi Dynasty, the new settlement is where the flamboyant youth celebrates life in the fun-filled parties, gorging themselves on appetizing dishes from all the global corners. Sparing some time out for a visit to ‘Dhaba’ is an essential-do, considering the mouth-watering Punjabi cuisines and a big, creamy glass of ‘thandi lassi’.
Talking about the commerce of Ludhiana City, the state wins laurels for being the largest manufacturer of bicycles, tractors and sewing machines. In 2009, the World Bank hailed Ludhiana for building the best working atmosphere relative to other metropolitans. Ludhiana holds all the cards when it comes to woolens and cotton T-Shirts. Most of the top winter brands find its roots in Ludhiana. Not to forget, Ludhiana has been an education powerhouse, with Asia’s top agricultural university located here, named as ‘Punjab Agricultural University’.

If you are a travel zealot and seeking a divine place to calm down the travel bug in you, Ludhiana is the place to be. Its eternal bliss will captivate your senses and you, untangling yourself from the tribulations, will saunter around feeling the godliness. Beginning with Gurudwara Nanaksar Jagraon, the holy place dedicated to Sikh Guru, Baab Nand Singh Kaleranwale. A 5-day fest organized in August every year see a steady flow of visitors. Another famous place of worship is ‘Gurudwara Charan Kamal’, which is located in the small town of Macchiwara. The place is hugely famous among Sikhs as it marks the site where Guru Gobind Singh had sipped-in the water and took a nap.

The Phillaur Fort is yet another marvelous piece from the history, built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. For those who love roses and their beauty around, the Nehru Rose Garden is a spectacular spot, located in the heart of the city. Conveniently accessible, the garden is home to 17,000 types of plants and over 1600 variety of roses. Existence gets a new lease of life at Deer Park,a famous picnic spot with immense greenery. Visitors can have a closer look of various animals such as sambar, spotted deer and porcupine.

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