Icelandair Introduces In-flight Entertainment

Icelandair Introduces In-flight Entertainment

Have you ever been bored watching the same movies repeatedly in-flight? Well, Icelandair is keen on making your flights more enjoyable and exciting by introducing in-flight entertainment. The airline has set aside resources to highlight Icelandic culture onboard all their airplanes as a way of celebrating its 80th anniversary.

Already, the crew has being captured practicing for the first flight. The company has also revealed that passengers who will be traveling from Europe to the United States will enjoy a free stopover in Iceland where they can get firsthand experience of the Iceland marvelous culture, tradition, and recipes. All the passengers will also be automatically entered in a contest that could see the winners get free tickets to watch a broad range of performances in Iceland. Tickets to private gigs as well as backstage gate passes at music festivals that are scheduled for this month will also be issued to some of the participants.

The opening flight performance was held on September 8th, 2017 and was divided into three parts. The first act was shown on the London to Keflavik flight; act two took place at Keflavik airport; and the third and final act was shown between Keflavik and New York. Before the performances, details of the act’s plot were very scanty with some experts in the industry hinting that the story was still a work in progress.

Of the three performances, most of the passengers fell in love with the first act that depicted the history of the airline from 1937 to today. The performance also provided a glimpse of what the future holds for the airline company. One of the objectives of the company is capture the imaginations of all the passengers on board and they achieved this goal if the reviews posted online are anything to go by.



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