Goa-the party hub for its visitors

Goa-the party hub for its visitors

Goa has scores of partying options for those are in have fallen for Goa’s multiethnic revelries and contemporary stance. Let’s sail through few of them:

• Butterfly Beach: Despite being devoid of great tourist infrastructural facilities, Butterfly beach magnetize huge number of tourists every year. Nature showers its blessings in form of picturesque palm trees and sea shells and makes it a hub for euphoric bonfire gatherings. Cashing in on the situation, the melodious music and slow dances crafts a praiseworthy romantic ambience.
• Palolem Beach: Famed for its hippie festivities and Neptune point, every juvenile heart is having a love affair with Palolem beach. Hippies steal the show with fantastic musical chords which makes every feet move in sync. The exclusive use of headphones plugged in every year has christened the party as ‘Silent Noise’. Good food, good music along with jaw-dropping environmental gaiety, what else a party lover wishes for?
• Anjuna Beach: A former abode to Hippies, Anjuna beach has created a niche for itself because of its fantastic rock music which makes visitors go gaga over its drug-related lyrics. The location seems to perfectly echo the sentiments of hippie culture, especially on Wednesday due to the organization of hippie stall markets.
• Colva Beach: Colva beach encompasses a plentiful of tourist attractions and often regarded as the most loving beach of South Goa. Bull fights, dilapidated fish huts, colonial style villas and relic stalls together makes up Colva beach. Nightlife here is stupendously dynamic due to regular hosting of rave parties, crescendo music and strident feel.

Reckoned as the Vegas of India, Goa flaunts a perfect juxtaposition of ancient and contemporary cultures which never fails to strike the right chord with global vacationers. Days in Goa are meant to uncover the masked beauty whereas nights represent a topsy-turvy world where global friends are hypnotized by mellow tones of music. Goa expeditions are frequently carried out by delirious sightseers, newly-wed couples, fresh-faced creatures and zestful college-goers.

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