What 5 things should you be aware of before travelling to a foreign country?

What 5 things should you be aware of before travelling to a foreign country?

#1. Confirm Documents

You need to be aware of your passport expiry date and make sure it doesn't expire during your travels. Ideally, there should be a buffer of 6 months from your date of travel. If you don’t travel with a return ticket, then a safe buffer of 2 years is wise. Look up Visa requirements for your destination and for the countries surrounding it (for potential travel) Keep a scanned copy and reprints of all your documents in a safe place other than on your person.

#2. Current Affairs of Your Destination

You need to be aware of what is happening in the foreign country you are planning to visit. It is also wise to be aware of any potential dangers or health risks. You can then ensure you get the right vaccinations before you travel. Be proactive and be informed about where the embassy of your home country is located. Be aware of the current events taking place before travelling to a foreign country.

#3. Security and Identity Theft

Packing your luggage and carefully securing it with a lock is advised. Create places for hiding your cash. These are usually taken care of as second nature by any traveller. Identity theft can now occur online. Your online behavior is tracked, collected, and sold by hackers to big corporations every day. Create a pseudo contact email ID and phone numbers to use while you travel. Book tickets incognito.

#4. Carry-on Requirements

Different airlines differ on carry-on requirements. The handy information will come in use if you plan to buy new luggage while away.

#5. Electronics Requirement

Be aware of which adaptors and plugs you need to charge your devices.

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